Meet The Owner

After working for the home improvement division of a large project builder, Stuart felt there was a need for a small and personal builder that prioritises high levels of quality and attention to detail over moving volume.

Stuart is an accomplished and knowledgeable Registered Builder and Carpenter by trade, with over 18 years’ experience in the construction industry and has a genuine passion for building.

Cambridge Renovations is selective in the construction staff used for its projects, focusing on building long term relationships with good quality and reliable trades who really care. Furthermore, Cambridge Renovations does not impose restrictions on the materials and finishes that can be used, this is entirely up to you and what your budget permits. We try to be more flexible and accommodating with changes, as we understand that there are so many decisions to make when undertaking a renovation project.

Cambridge Renovations is recognised for its superior work ethic and quality workmanship, as a result of Stuart’s perfectionist eye for quality and detail overseeing every job. Stuart is a hands on builder, undertaking alot of the work himself, or is on site overseeing the other trades. Cambridge Renovations only commits to one project at at time, so that it can dedicate the time and attention your project deserves! This also results in quicker turn around times as we are not sharing trades across multiple jobs.

Cambridge Renovations is persistent in its approach to helping clients achieve their goals.